Things to do

Between spending time in Almohalla 51 and exploring Archidona you might not want to go any further… but if you do:

Towns and cities: Andalucia’s highlights are within easy distance of Almohalla 51. Have a look at our Places to visit page for more information. Suggested itineraries are available.

Walking and bird watching: There are stunning walks through the hills and groves around the town – we have plenty of maps and can point you in the direction of our favourites – and there’s a renowned climbing site a short walk away. For an idea about some of the walks around here have a look at our listing on the Walking World site. We can arrange guided walks too, along with guided visits to bird watching areas near by.

Rafting and white water rafting: Just 20 minutes away in Cuevas San Marco you can hire kayaks on the Genil river.

Horse riding: We can arrange riding for all levels through local stables.

Golf: The nearest 18 hole golf course is Antequera Golf course, just 20 minutes away set in stunning countryside.

And if you fancy a game of tennis, we can loan racquets for the all-weather court that’s just 10 minutes away.