Old meets industrial, meets modern and new

Exhibition spaces in Malaga have given the port city the reputation of being the spanish city of museums. We’ve already written and blogged about our favourite museums, but here we talk about a new space that we have recently found. 

Set in what was a highly industrial part of the city, the area just south of La Luz seems to undergoing something of a regeneration. Get off the main road that goes into the city centre, walking to the beach, and you’ll find it has quiet corners, small tree lined parks, and a wide variety of cafes, eateries, dance studios, fringe theatres and concert venues. But the gem in all of this is what was once a hospital in the mid 19th Century, later an orphanage under the name of La Misericordia or “The Mercy” (this gave the name to the beach at the end of the road), La Térmica (below) is now a bright exhibition and cultural centre offering a wide variety of classes, events, exhibitions, music, theatre and poetry. 

We were lucky enough to catch the end of an unauthorised exhibition of the artist known as Banksy. Created from private collections of works by the artist on loan to La Térmica called “The Art of Protest”, the exhibition tracks his dislike of war and conflict and how that has resonated in his work. The wonderful thing about the space was, by not being in the city centre, you are free to wander around without being pushed and shoved, enjoy the environment in your own time and not pay a ridiculous amount to get a coffee afterwards. It’s a lovely quiet area with plenty of places to eat and grab a drink, and even just a short walk from the beach where a skewer of sardines will be grilling in one of the beach side “chiringuitos”.

One of the many activities our guests like to do is to visit the Caminito del Rey (the Kings walk) in nearby El Chorro. The walkway that sits on the rock face of the Gaitanes gorge was originally constructed between 1914 and 1921 and was used by the Hydroelectric Society of El Chorro as an access point for maintenance and transport of materials during the construction of the adjoining reservoirs. It took its name from the King of the time, Alfonso XIII who walked along it during the inauguration in 1921.

From the 13th December until the 20th April 2020 a photographic memory exhibition will be on display at La Térmica that catches the mosaic of daily life working there during that time and of the people who for decades maintained the Railway, and hydro electric installations there. See here for more details. 

We’re blessed to be able to enjoy Malaga all year round – come and share some of your time with us and discover what this wonderful city and wider province have to offer.