COVID 19 ready

As we look at reopening in June 2021 after after an extended lockdown to the start of 2021, we want to reassure our guests that we’re doing everything possible to ensure their safety during these unusual times. We will still be adhering to safety measures during the lifting of restrictions as we come out of […]

A visit to an Andalucian vineyard

Here in the Malaga province of Andalucia we’re best known for our sweet, syrupy wines, but increasingly there are vineyards (known as “bodegas”) where production is challenging that preconception. Close to Archidona, on the slopes of El Torcal, is the bodega of Hermanos Gross, a small family run winery to which we organise tours. Check […]

A flavour of Archidona’s culinary offerings

Archidona, high up in the hills behind Malaga, is a small town but one with a rich history and vibrant community. In this little corner of Andalucia we’re blessed with great places to eat a few minutes walk from the front door of Almohalla 51. This time we’re celebrating three of our favourite Restaurants in […]

Walking routes near Almohalla 51

Sit back and think of Andalucia and what comes to mind? Maybe rolling hills lined with silvery green olive trees, rivers flowing through deep valleys, craggy mountains, sleepy whitewashed villages with shaded bars and a cool beer and the faint smell of the sea mixed with warm air from Africa? Once safely installed in Almohalla […]

Top 5 beaches and wild swimming in Andalucia

Essential during an Andalucian summer is access to water! Somewhere to cool off, sit beside, paddle in or just to look at. If our beautiful plunge pool is not enough for you then here’s our Top 5  favourite beaches and places for wild swimming, all about an hour from Almohalla 51, with top tips on where […]

Top 5 Spanish winter dishes

It’s not always sunshine, red wine and paella in Spain you know! Come October and the days start to get shorter (getting dark at 8pm instead of 10:30pm – imagine…) and sometimes it’s cold. Our minds are starting to turn to some classic winter dishes in the Spanish cookbook and here are our Top 5: […]

Why Spain is still one of the most visited countries in the world

We love Spain, and especially Malaga and of course our wonderful town, Archidona. Longer days, sunshine, outdoor living and a mediterranean diet of olive oil and tomatoes have no doubt contributed to the population being in first place with highest life expectancy in the world by 2040, with a staggering 86 years! That’s one good […]

TOP 5 country restaurants near Archidona

We’re incredibly lucky in Archidona for many reasons, but particularly when it comes to good places to eat within walking distance of Almohalla 51. But when we want to head out to the “campo” we’ve some great options too, all an easy drive or taxi ride away. Road side “Ventas” dot the landscape in rural […]

Top 5 museums in Malaga

In just 45 minutes by car, or just over an hour by bus from Almohalla 51, you’re in the wonderfully cosmopolitan, artistic and cultural city of Malaga. It’s a city of Mediterranean light and colour, fantastic restaurants and street life, but Malaga is now becoming known as a city of museums. With over 20 great […]

The slickest of all oils

Whether you’ve visited our region or not, you’re probably unlikely to know that we sit in the largest olive belt in the world. More olives are grown and more oil is produced here than anywhere else in the world and the vast majority of the world’s consumption of what here is known as liquid gold […]