Old meets industrial, meets modern and new

Exhibition spaces in Malaga have given the port city the reputation of being the spanish city of museums. We’ve already written and blogged about our favourite museums, but here we talk about a new space that we have recently found.  Set in what was a highly industrial part of the city, the area just south […]

Top 5 museums in Malaga

In just 45 minutes by car, or just over an hour by bus from Almohalla 51, you’re in the wonderfully cosmopolitan, artistic and cultural city of Malaga. It’s a city of Mediterranean light and colour, fantastic restaurants and street life, but Malaga is now becoming known as a city of museums. With over 20 great […]

The slickest of all oils

Whether you’ve visited our region or not, you’re probably unlikely to know that we sit in the largest olive belt in the world. More olives are grown and more oil is produced here than anywhere else in the world and the vast majority of the world’s consumption of what here is known as liquid gold […]

7 Useful tips before you visit Archidona

Are you about to embark on your first trip to Archidona and not sure what to expect? Worried about over tipping, undertipping or when to eat and what? We’ve got some key tips for preparing for your stay in Spain. 1. What time do people eat in Spain? Spanish people are fairly regimented when it […]